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Need a payday loan in Indiana? Get up to $500 with us today.

Why Choose Us?
Funds Arrive Quickly
When you're hurting for cash you want the funds to arrive quickly. When you borrow from us, that's exactly what you can expect to happen. We deliver funds fast because our customers demand it.

Cancel In 48 Hours
If for any reason at all, and we won't ask why, you don't want to keep a loan in the first two days then you can simply cancel it. Just send the money back and we'll forget the whole thing ever happened.

Quick Approval
Don't like twiddling your thumbs while your application is passed back and forth between departments? There's only one department here, and the person looking at your loan has final authority to decide on your application. That means you get the quick approval that you're looking for.
Our Application Process
Fill In The Form
Go ahead and fill out the form! In the time you spent reading this web page to get to this point you could have already gotten halfway through the application form and that's no joke.

Verify Banking Information
The application form is fast to be sure, and the next and final phase of the application is just as fast. The application program will only take 30 seconds to download and install.

We Transfer The Funds
Just about every bank in the United States of America has access to the ACH system, so we will almost certainly be able to send you your funds immediately If you're not sure, call your bank to find out first.

Repay Your Loan
If you were able to receive the funds then that means you can definitely send funds so repaying the loan won't be a problem. No mailing checks or leaving your house required.
Use Sensibly
Getting Too Deep
You don't want to get too deep into payday loans. This loan should be the only one you're taking out. If you end up with two loans or more you will inevitably have trouble paying them back and that's going to result in you paying needless NSF fees and facing even more financial stress.

Problems That Can't Wait
You should only get a payday loan if you feel the problem just can't wait another week. We are in many senses a lender of last resort, behind credit cards and lines of credit.

Weeks Not Years
Don't plan on staying on payday loans for years. We have many repeat customers, but we don't want them borrowing every month. Instead we want them to come back once in a while for years on end, without ever running out outrageous fees.

We Lend Across Indiana
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